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Some Dirty B&W Monica Bellucci Nude Pics To Enjoy

Monday, December 8th, 2008

With black-and-white photographs, the subject matter usually becomes classier than it is, giving whatever the subject is a sheen of respectability.  Even black and white nudes can be looked at dispassionately and examined without any element of ogling.  But Monica Bellucci is so hot and sexy that even these black-and-white nude pics of hers can make a guy forget that they’re supposed to be looking at something artsy.  No, when you see Monica Bellucci’s naked body, there’s just one reaction that happens, and that’s complete arousal, with guys sprouting erections like mad, because of their desire to plumb the depths of Monica Bellucci’s luscious, lusty assets.  That simply means we’d all jump at the chance to bang this hot Italian babe, especially if we ever saw her undressed like this and spreading her legs open in invitation!  Too bad that’s not likely to happen to most of us, but we can still use Monica Bellucci’s sizzling hot naked body to give us pleasure through other ways.  If you want to see more of that hot, voluptuous body in the nude, then just click on this link and enjoy…

A Nice Look At Monica Belluci’s Boobs

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Ever since she made her first appearance onscreen in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula“, we’ve all been lusting after this sexy Italian hottie.  Her presence is pure seduction, and every image of her just makes every red-blooded male as horny as he can ever be.  Well, what better way to kick off our Monica Belluci worship than by showing some pics of hers with her titties bared?  Belluci has a mouth-watering body that’s sexy and voluptuous, something that’s far from the usual bods most babes in Hollywood have today.  The hot starlets who appear in most films these days are sexy, but in an athletic way, from all those work-outs, or just too thin, from all that dieting.

But Monica Belluci’s got the kind of body that real guys want — one that’s sexy and curvy.  Her appeal is primal, because her body’s the way a woman’s body ought to be, when erotic thoughts come to mind.  And who wouldn’t have any erotic thoughts with her around?  In the first picture, you don’t even actually see her breasts bared, but you can see them through the thin material of the shirt that she’s wearing, and her sweat’s soaked through the material too, making her nipples even more visible than they would usually be.  This wet-look is enough to get a guy hard immediately, but there’s even a second pic where she’s popped her titties out of her top, for even more pleasure for us all!  Then again, she’s got no panties on there in the first pic, so you can make out the top part of her cunny.  There’s just so many things about these pics that she did for a guy to satisfy himself with!

Even though what she’s doing is so erotic, she doesn’t even seem that slutty to us.  Her open and wanton sexuality is just so natural that you can enjoy her debaucheries without any guilt at all.  Hell, that’s how it is with these European women, and that’s why we love ’em.  There’s more of Monica Belluci’s hot topless pics on this site, so click on that link and check her out some more!